Aventi Launches Equity Crowdfunding Offering on Backers

Learn More: https://portal.backers.ca/offering/aventi/

Backers’ is a great tool for putting yourself out there to be seen, appreciated, and supported by the world around you” — Aventi CEO Carlos Andromeda

“Aventi is poised to make a greater impact on collective activity than TikTok, in a positive way!” says Aventi CEO Carlos Andromeda.

These days, it’s harder and harder to organize fun with our friends, maintain our relationships, have new and exciting experiences, or meet new people in real life. It’s so much easier just to swipe to the following video, order some food, or continue your latest tv series binge. These tendencies are leading night after night and day after day to more monotony, boredom, and unfulfilled ambitions. Additionally, health and life experiences for a vast number of people globally are decreasing in quality because of the way our devices have been programmed.

With Aventi, finding or planning incredible experiences is as easy as swiping — Swipe Right to your next Aventi! From what time your group of close friends is all available, to which of your acquaintances also like to play that game, what’s happening with the nightlife, what activities you could be doing right now in your local area, who can ride-share or has an extra surfboard? We’ve got it all covered, and more.

About Carlos Andromeda CEO of Aventi Experiences Inc. – Carlos began this journey in 2016 when he left his pursuit for a degree in Mechanical Engineering after 2 years because he found through research that the education was, on average, about 7-15 years behind the industry. He decided that if something was worth learning in order to create a better world at the frontier, it wasn’t going to be found through traditional education. He went on to spend the majority of the following years pursuing passionate interests such as business, science, technology, spirituality, systems thinking, and economics. This research came to a peak with the discovery that there is an underlying system of positive reinforcing activity domains that all individuals take part in iVive(Personal Evolution; impacting the resourcefulness of the self), Eviva(Collective Evolution; Contribution and Reward + sense-making), and Aventi(Quality Personal Experience and Expression of Self).

“Backers’ is a great tool for putting yourself out there to be seen, appreciated, and supported by the world around you” says Aventi CEO Carlos Andromeda.

“Backers is excited to partner with Aventi to facilitate needed change in the events space” says Backers CEO Justin Fox

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