What you need to know!

Crowdfunding Explained


Donation based crowdfunding is simply where someone starts a campaign to raise funds for a cause or charity... Think of Go Fund Me or other similar sites where someone or a charity is requesting donations to support a cause or someone in the community...


Rewards based crowdfunding is simply a Pre-Sale of a product or possibly service... A Crowdfunding campaign is used to pre-sell the idea of a product or service to be shipped at a later date, or possibly never... Kickstarter is a perfect example of a Rewards based Crowdfunding site...


Equity based Crowdfunding (What We Offer) is where businesses Get Funding, By Selling Equity (Shares) In Their Business To Everyday Investors (The Crowd) On Regulated Funding Portals... The businesses Gets Funding and a Following... Or as we like to call them Backers..