Day #11 – Having a successful launch day #Backers101

Objective: You will be able to optimize your efforts on launch day, maximizing funds raised while growing and strengthening your community.

Launch day! WOOHOO!!! You’ve got everything ready and now you can actually hit launch! Your project is now out there in the world. Exciting.

First, if you have any key media or large partnerships who are planning to share your project on launch day, let them know that you are officially live. This way they can take the final actions to share your work!

Now you should reach out to those core people you know and love and who will for sure back your project – any close friends, family, mentors etc. Get them to hop on board quickly so that other people coming to your campaign will see you already have a bit of traction going.

After them, you should connect with the community you’ve been building for months now. Post on any community platforms, fire off that email to all of your email list you’ve been collecting, write a text to all the phone numbers you have. Let them know you are live and that you would greatly appreciate their support! You will by this time have primed your community to be upsold on your equity, and so this is really about finally presenting the actual opportunity for people to buy in.

Now you can share on social media, post in the online groups/forums you’re part of (but that you don’t own), and directly message everyone you know! Especially if it’s your first time asking people for financial support on your project, and especially if your project has positive social and environmental outcomes, people will want to support you. Don’t feel bad about messaging them. Do not however send people tons of messages. One is enough! If you have really good friends, you can also give them a message and ask if they can send it on to their other friends.

Action Item(s):

  • Create a launch day action plan so that you remember what to do when you launch, and in what order.
  • Prepare the following messages:
    • A message to send media that your project is live.
    • A message to send to your core friends, family, and mentore, etc.
    • A message to send your community at large (you can have a post message, an email message, and a text message).
    • A social media post you will make on your page.
    • A message to post in community groups you are part of, but don’t own.
    • A message you will send directly to everyone you know (via social media, text, phone, email, whatever you use).

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