Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism that enables broad groups of investors to fund startup companies and small businesses in return for equity.

Who Can Invest?

Everyday Investors… Anyone can invest and typically investors are customers, clients, followers, and associates of a business

What Is a Security?

A Security is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value.

What Is An Issuer

An issuer is a legal entity (Corporation) that develops, registers and sells securities to finance its operations. 

What Is A Regulated Funding Portal

A regulated funding portal is an online site operated by a regulated investment dealer that enables businesses to get funding by selling equity (shares) in their business to everyday investors (the crowd)

What Is A Broker/Dealer

A Dealer is in the business of trading in, or advising on, securities. They act as an underwriter or as an investment fund manager.

How Much Can A Company Raise

Minimum: $10,000… Maximum: There is generally no cap to the amount of funds that can be raised. However depending on the local regulatory framework used there may be some limitations.

What are the fees?

Simple… Success Based Fees… Click Here

Five Ws One H

Who are your Backers? They are your loyal customers, clients, or users that buy your products or services… They are the community that relies on and supports your business… They are the loyal fans and supporters that support your team… They are the manufacturers and suppliers to your business… They are all the people who have a vested interest in and benefit from the very fact that your business exists and they want to support it in any way that they can to ensure your success and long-term sustainability of your business within the community… And now they can also invest in your business and become shareholders in your business and benefit even more from the success of your business…

What do your Backers do for you? Your Backers are loyal supporters of your business and will be the greatest form of word of mouth support for your business… They believe in your products and / or services and want to tell the world about them… They invest in you and your business as they see the value that you are bringing to the community… Your Backers are your Super Fans…

Where do Backers come from? Your Backers come from all walks of life… Not just typical 1% High Net Worth Investors who are only looking for financial gains… Instead your Backers will represent the 100% of consumers who see the value in, and support your business as customers, clients, and users of your products and services… Everyone is a Backer and can support you through the purchase of your products or services, or the purchase of equity or shares in your business…

When do I get Backers? Getting Backers is a constant and ongoing process… As a business you are always in the pursuit of new clients, customers, and users of your products and services… These are your Backers… Through the IBO – Initial Backers Offering you will enable these very same people to invest in your Business… 

Why do I need Backers? If you have any aspirations of being a successful entrepreneur or business owner they you will 100% need to have Backers, whether they come in the form of a customer, client, user, supplier, fan, or investor… They are the very lifeblood of your business… They are your loyal customers and provide you with the word of mouth advertising that you can’t pay for… They are the single biggest reason why your business will fail or succeed… Without them, you will fail… It’s that simple… 

How do I get Backers? To put it simply… You launch an IBO – Initial Backers Offering…  You need a product or service that solves a problem or addresses a need and that has a big enough demand for it… Then you need to market your product or service to build awareness and to sell your product or service… And then lastly you need to supply the product or service as promised… While you are doing this you up-sell them with Equity by selling shares in your business on a Regulated Funding Portal on the Backers Network… Always be closing… Always be launching…