The Volatile Project Announces Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Backers to Fuel its Innovative Canned Cocktail Brand

Vancouver, British Columbia, September 14, 2023 — The Volatile Project, the visionary creator behind the world’s first real craft cocktail in cans, Bootleggers Cocktail, is excited to announce its equity crowdfunding campaign through Backers Securities Inc. This ground-breaking move aims to supercharge the company’s ambitious growth plan, focusing on production and distribution scale-up.

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Art Meets Craft Cocktails

“We believe in creating art-inspired experiences, not just a product,” shares Kam Tabarraee, CEO of The Volatile Project. Bootleggers Cocktail embodies a fusion of art and craftsmanship, offering consumers a net-positive social experience. With artistic labels designed by local creator, Kiarash TK, the brand brings real, vegan, and gluten-free craft cocktails to the convenience of a can.

A Record-Breaking Start

Within just eight months of its launch, Bootleggers Cocktail produced and distributed 10,000 cans across select retailers and venues in British Columbia. The company is targeting a ten-fold growth by the end of 2024. “Bootleggers Cocktail’s journey has been one of passion, love, and inspiration. The best we can do now is to give back and share this journey with our audience,” says Tabarraee.

Investing in the Future

“We’re super excited to team up with Backers Securities Inc. and their visionary founder, Justin Fox. These guys are breaking new ground in crowdfunding, so they’re the perfect fit for our innovative campaign,” says Kam Tabarraee, CEO of The Volatile Project. Justin Fox adds, “We’re really excited to join forces with The Volatile Project on the Bootleggers Cocktail funding campaign. This isn’t just another canned drink; it’s an entire experience, and that’s something we’re thrilled to get behind.”

Proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will be directly used for the production, distribution, and sales of the next Bootleggers Cocktail inventory, opening up new markets across Canada and the USA.

Unique Selling Points

“Our unique marketing approach has garnered valuable partnerships across the nightlife and festival industries,” adds Tabarraee. “These collaborations offer alternative sales channels and free marketing opportunities, significantly boosting our brand awareness and sales.”

5-Year Outlook

“We are true believers in sharing our love and passion for art and positive emotional experiences with all. We are extremely excited to open the doors for everyone to join our exciting journey,” declares Tabarraee. Following the expected growth, the company is looking towards a Series A funding round by 2024 to support nationwide expansion, with the ambitious target of producing and selling one million cans per year by the end of 2026.

Team Dynamics

The executive team comprises CEO Kam Tabarraee, COO Jean Laven, and CCO Kiarash Tarikhi. Together, they bring over 40 years of combined experience in art, hospitality, nightlife, and business management. The company operates with a lean, contract-based workforce for optimal economic efficiency.

About The Volatile Project

The Volatile Project is the creator of Bootleggers Cocktail, specializing in crafting art-inspired experiences with a net-positive social influence.

About Backers

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