First there was Bitcoin… a revolutionary idea that evolved from the financial uncertainty and unrest of the mid-late 2000s taking cryptography technology and creating a peer-to-peer store of value that could be traded in digital a decentralized manner outside of centralized banks or governments…
Using blockchain technology the transactions are stored on a distributed ledger, across a network of miners/computers who verify and validate the transactions through the use of cryptography, providing for security of communication, immutability, and transparency.
Bitcoin gained early adoption as a currency between those looking to maintain anonymity or those who were unable to process transactions through traditional routes.


With the success of Bitcoin came the launching of other coins/tokens commonly referred to as altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Solana and 1000s more…
These altcoins were launch globally through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) similar to that of an IPO (Initial Public Offering) on a stock exchange where the coins were minted and sold to the public at an initial price to raise funds for the issuing project/coin…
While many ICOs were similar to Bitcoin with no real asset behind them and simply created as a store of value, many others were used as a form of funding for actual projects backed by assets of a business and with real world use cases behind them, and can sometimes be referred to as STOs (Security Token Offerings) as they are no longer simply a currency with no backing but rather more like a proxy to the underlying security in the business or project they represent with this representing a significant advantage over ICOs for investors as they now investing in an actual asset or security…


While ICOs and STOs have proven to be an extremely successful way to raise funds for projects and to generate massive waves of supporters, as one could imagine these have been done outside of regulatory approval and consent and are therefore offside in many countries including Canada, and the United States, both of whom have started to crack down on these projects in the past year or so (see SEC vs XRP)…


Launched in 2018 Backers identified the opportunity to combine relatively new yet existing regulatory exemptions to allow private companies to sell equity to retail investors through what we call IBOs (Initial Backers Offerings) enabling private companies, early stage startups, and high growth potential opportunities to raise capital by selling crypto stocks or security tokens representing equity in their businesses to a large number of retail investors allowing them to benefit from the the same opportunities that many ICO and STO projects were able to by create massive waves of supporters of their business through financial investments directly into their companies.
Step 1. Tokenize Private Equity
Backers is able to facilitate the minting, sale to investors, issuance, and storage of regulated security tokens representing various assets of businesses and projects across Canada
Step 2. Facilitate Trading
Backers will facilitate the secondary trading of issued tokens among retail investors
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